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LASIK Eye Surgery Safety and Success Rates

October 09, 2022 | LASIK

When patients at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute are considering LASIK, often their first question is “How safe is it?” The second is, “How likely is it to improve my vision?” In other words, how successful is the procedure? We...

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Women Smiling with hand on face - Does LASIK Cure Presbyopia?

Does LASIK Cure Presbyopia?

October 07, 2022 | LASIK

What Is Presbyopia? At some point in our lives, we start holding newspapers, menus and cell phones at arm’s length in an effort to see small print more clearly. You may begin to notice changes in your early 40’s or...

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When Should I Choose PRK Over LASIK?

October 06, 2022 | LASIK

Although LASIK surgery is considered our primary procedure for laser vision correction at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute, there are some instances in which one of our experienced eye surgeons might recommend PRK: PRK is preferred over LASIK in...

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5 Ways Contacts Can Crash Your Holiday Party

October 31, 2019 | LASIK

Vision correction surgery has year-round benefits, but LASIK patients at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute in San Diego find that they really appreciate their improved vision around the holidays. Contact lenses and glasses can get in the way at Thanksgiving,...

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How and Why to Fit LASIK Into a Student Budget

July 17, 2018 | LASIK

LASIK for San Diego College Students At Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute, we are honored to be a trusted provider of comprehensive eye care for the San Diego community, including students at the many great colleges and universities in Southern...

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Young women with glasses, finger on chin thinking - LASIK Myths and Facts Graphic.

Debunking LASIK Myths

November 20, 2017 | LASIK

As one of San Diego’s leading providers of LASIK, we have advised thousands of patients, listened to their concerns and answered many questions about laser vision correction. Many myths about LASIK are debunked and common questions are answered by simply...

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6 Ways to Enjoy San Diego After LASIK walking bridge by the Ocean

6 Ways to Enjoy San Diego After LASIK

October 04, 2017 | In the Community

Now that you have had LASIK eye surgery, life with less dependence on corrective lenses is so sweet. Here are a few activities our patients love to do with their newfound freedom in San Diego. Swim in the ocean and...

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How Quickly Can I Return to Work After LASIK?

September 18, 2017 | LASIK

Considering LASIK for vision correction, but worried about how much time you’ll need to take off for the procedure? LASIK is one of the quickest vision procedures and also requires very little downtime. Not only does the procedure take little...

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Can LASIK Benefit a Busy Work Schedule?

September 13, 2017 | LASIK

Whether you have always wanted to be a fighter pilot but never had perfect vision, or simply want to give presentations without fidgeting with your glasses, LASIK can improve many of your work worries. After treating tens of thousands of...

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$1,000 OFF LASIK*

May 23, 2017 | LASIK

Diego, summer is no time to be sidelined by the ongoing hassle of contacts and glasses. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just love going for a hot summer’s day swim, the freedom that comes with vision correction surgery will...

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