Can LASIK Benefit a Busy Work Schedule?

September 13, 2017 | LASIK

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Whether you have always wanted to be a fighter pilot but never had perfect vision, or simply want to give presentations without fidgeting with your glasses, LASIK can improve many of your work worries. After treating tens of thousands of people in San Diego across the spectrum of careers, we have compiled a list of how LASIK has impacted our patient’s lives.

Women putting on Mascara in the Mirror - Simplify The Morning Routine Graphic.

  1. Comb your hair or apply makeup with accuracy
  2. Get out of bed and go for a run – no need to mess around with contacts or fumble with glasses
  3. No need to put on glasses to see the alarm clock = more minutes of sleep!

Man working on a laptop computer - Fewer Hassles At Work Graphic

  1. End the end-of-day headaches from glasses
  2. No need to pack spare contact lens supplies for long days at the office or business travel
  3. Don’t miss a thing – see all the details during a presentation from any seat in the room
  4. Put your best face forward, be confident without worrying about crooked glasses or dry contacts

4 Males touching hands in the air - Play It Cool Out Of The Office Graphic.

  1. Imagine tackling the evening commute with clear vision and your favorite sunnies
  2. Impress the boss on the green or step up to the plate with the office softball team without your glasses sliding around
  3. Enjoy Happy Hour instead of worrying about dry contacts or smudged glasses

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