How Quickly Can I Return to Work After LASIK?

September 18, 2017 | LASIK

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Considering LASIK for vision correction, but worried about how much time you’ll need to take off for the procedure?

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LASIK is one of the quickest vision procedures and also requires very little downtime. Not only does the procedure take little time out of your schedule, but it can also make things a lot smoother in your daily life.

Better Vision in Minutes

The LASIK procedure typically only takes a few minutes!

Recovery Time

After the procedure, we recommend you go home to rest. The following day you should be able to go back to work and resume most normal activities.

Additional Appointments

Long term time commitment for LASIK patients is very minimal. A quick routine post op consultation and check-up appointment will be scheduled to ensure your vision and eye health. After the initial postoperative period annual eye health checkups will be scheduled to ensure your continued eye health.

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Overall Time Savings

LASIK can allow you to

  • Streamline your morning and evening routine
  • Have one less thing to worry about on vacations and business trips
  • Spend less time in the ophthalmologist’s office
  • Save time you would have spent shopping for glasses and contacts

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