Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid reconstruction from one of our experienced doctors at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute may be necessary due to benign tumors, trauma, or skin cancer affecting the lids. Lids can be reconstructed by local flaps or by harvesting tissue from other parts of the face and body. Basal cell skin cancer (90% of all eyelid cancer) is the most prevalent of all eyelid cancers, followed by squamous cell and malignant melanoma (about 1% of all eyelid cancers). Sebaceous cell carcinoma is a rare type of cancer originating from the meibomian glands that produce the oily layer of the tear film.

In all cases surgical excision is recommended with the goals to preserve vision, prevent spread of the cancer, maintain eyelid function and improve appearance. Long-term monitoring is required to check for regional lymph node involvement or distant metastasis.

Orbital Reconstruction

The orbit is defined by all the structures that are contained within the bones of the eye socket. This includes the eyeball, extraocular muscles, optic nerve, and the fat that fills the spaces in between. Surgical treatments vary depending on the diagnosis, eg. orbital fracture, damage from malignant tumors, or trauma. Typical reasons for reconstruction include fracture repair or enucleation due to tumor.

In the case of fracture, implants can be used to stabilize the area. In the setting of trauma, symptoms of orbital fracture can include swelling of the eyelids, pain in the eye, double vision, bruising around the eye, sunken eye, numbness of upper teeth, nosebleed, and decreased movement of the affected eye.

In cases of a malignant tumor in the eye, severe trauma, or a serious non-healing infection, complete surgical removal of the eye may be necessary. This is called enucleation. Most individuals are eligible for an artificial eye as a cosmetic substitute approximately 4-6 weeks following surgery.

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