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San Diego Ophthalmologist Reveals Why PRK May Be Recommended Over LASIK

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Dr. David J. Schanzlinexplains why PRK may be an excellent laser vision correction option for patients who are not good candidates for LASIK surgery.

San Diego, CA – Although LASIK surgery remains one of the most popular forms of laser vision correction, not every patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure. Fortunately, for patients who are not eligible for LASIK but still wish to rid themselves of the inconvenience of glasses and contact lenses, the San Diego eye doctors at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute offer an alternative. According to Dr. David Schanzlin, PRK can often provide the same benefits as LASIK, giving more people the opportunity to improve their vision with laser surgery.

Dr. Schanzlin outlines several reasons why an eye care professional might recommend PRK over LASIK. In addition to abnormal corneal curvature and a history of dry eye, a patient’s profession occasionally impacts the decision on which type of laser vision correction might be best. “Sudden and extreme impact to the eye can cause complications with LASIK results,” says Dr. Schanzlin. As a result, patients who are professional athletes or military personnel often opt for PRK as a LASIK surgery alternative to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.

The major difference between the two procedures is the surgical technique, says Dr. Schanzlin. With LASIK, a corneal flap is created to access and reshape the cornea. With PRK there is no flap.  Both procedures use the same advanced laser technology. Without a flap,  the recovery from PRK can be about three to five days.

In a blog post titled “Common Myths About PRK”, Dr. Schanzlin acknowledges that a potential downside of PRK can be the aforementioned recovery period; however, he clarifies that reports of extreme pain and a long healing process are simply untrue. With the advancements in laser technology in ophthalmology, he says most patients describe the discomfort associated with the procedure as a minor irritation. Within about four days, the adds, the layer of the cornea removed during PRK surgery should grow back, and the results of the procedure often equal those of LASIK.

About Dr. David J. Schanzlin, M.D.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Schanzlin has been a leader in keratorefractive surgery for over 32 years, and he has been repeatedly recognized by his colleagues as one of the Best Doctors in America®. Dr. Schanzlin has also appeared as a medical expert on the Today Show, Extra, ABC News, and various local affiliates. He is available for interview upon request.

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