San Diego Ophthalmologist Highlights Alternative For Patients Ineligible for LASIK

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Dr. Michael Gordon uses implantable contact lenses to correct the vision of patients who are not ideal candidates for LASIK surgery.

San Diego, CA – According to Dr. Michael Gordon, vision correction surgery has been steadily increasing in popularity at his San Diego ophthalmology practice in recent years. While he says LASIK surgery is certainly the most popular method of surgical vision correction, not every patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure. For those patients who do not qualify for LASIK, he and his fellow eye surgeons at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute offer implantable contact lenses (ICLs) as an effective alternative.

Dr. Gordon recently wrote about the unique benefits of ICLs in a recent blog post, stating, “Many people think of implantable contact lenses in conjunction with cataract surgery, though they are also used in vision correction procedures for patients who do not have cataracts.” He goes on to say that ICL surgery can be a quick and virtually painless operation that often provides patients with 20/20 vision within an hour after the procedure. An additional benefit for the LASIK surgery alternative is that the ICL procedure may be reversible if a patient decides at a later date that he or she wants to undo the operation.

In a follow-up post titled “Ideal Candidates for Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs),” Dr. Gordon describes the type of patient that would benefit the most from ICL surgery. “For example,” says the San Diego eye surgeon, “if a patient has an abnormal cornea, it may be unsafe to perform any kind of surgery on the cornea itself – as is required by LASIK.” In addition, patients who have very thin corneas are often not candidates for LASIK surgery but may greatly benefit from ICLs.

Ultimately, Dr. Gordon notes that while the majority of patients who visit Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute are good LASIK surgery candidates, he is happy to offer the option of implantable contact lenses to those who do not qualify and would otherwise have to continue wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision.

About Michael Gordon, M.D.

Dr. Gordon is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and has more than 25 years experience as a laser eye surgeon. After earning his medical degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, he went on to complete his Ophthalmology Residency at the University of Colorado Medical Center and a Fellowship in Corneal and External Diseases at the University of California, San Diego. In addition to being a founding board member of the International LASIK Institute, he holds membership in many medical organizations, including the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the International Society for Refractive Surgery. Dr. Gordon was the first surgeon in the U.S. to use the Summit excimer laser and is renowned among the world’s most experienced laser refractive surgeons. He has taught laser vision correction to ophthalmologists worldwide and has been awarded the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Achievement Award. Dr. Gordon is available for interview upon request.

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