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Category: Cataracts

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What is the Difference Between the Various Types of IOLs?

April 07, 2016 | Cataract Surgery

An intraocular lens (IOL) is an advanced option for patients to improve their vision without heavy dependence on glasses and contact lenses. While these lens implants can be very beneficial for patients who may not be candidates for laser vision...

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Cataract Surgery Recovery

June 10, 2015 | Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are often simply part of the natural aging process – most people will get them at some point in their lives. Characterized by a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, cataracts can lead to complete vision loss if left...

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August is Cataract Awareness Month

August 03, 2010 | Cataracts

One early symptom of a cataract is a blurring of the vision that makes everything appear  as if you’re looking through a foggy window or cloudy piece of glass.  Left untreated, the outlook is dim.  But if detected early, we...

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