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March 02, 2011 | Latest News

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LASIK and Cataract Surgeons at Gordon & Weiss Vision in San Diego, CA

At Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute in La Jolla, CA, ophthalmologists and LASIK eye surgeons are announcing the recent implementation of the latest laser technology available in the vision correction industry. Doctors at the Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute say that, for more than 25 years, they have been setting the standard for laser vision correction in San Diego, which is why they were compelled to provide the Wavelight optimized correction capabilities of the Allegretto FS200.

For over 25 years, the ophthalmologists and eye surgeons at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute have been performing LASIK and laser vision correction procedures in San Diego, while remaining committed to pursuing the cutting-edge of laser technology. With the recent implementation of the Allegretto FS200, the surgeons say they are proud to continue this pursuit as it provides patients with the safest and most effective methods of vision correction.

The surgeons at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute say laser refractive surgery such as Custom LASIK, PRK, or LASEK, has corrected the vision of over 6 million people, with an estimated 98% of conventional vision correction patients now seeing 20/20 or better. LASIK is a two-step procedure, first creating a flap and then treating the curvature of the eye with a laser to correct vision. According to the Gordon Weiss Schanzlin Vision surgeons, flap creation with the new Allegretto FS200 allows for greater precision and accuracy. Lower energy levels, faster treatment time and greater customization, improves healing and results. The new femtosecond laser is the only system designed to fully integrate with the excimer laser to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. As technology allows the specialists at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute to close in on perfection, they stress that while no refractive laser surgery can be guaranteed 100% of the time, the Allegretto FS200 brings them a little bit closer to perfect vision.

About the Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute

Dr. Michael Gordon is known as the first surgeon in the U. S. to perform laser vision correction for nearsightedness with the Summit excimer laser, as well as the first surgeon to correct astigmatism and hyperopia with the Emphasis Erodible Mask. As an experienced refractive and cataract surgeon, he works together with Dr. Weiss and Dr. Geffen, and recently welcomed his daughter, Dr. Alison Gordon into the practice. The doctors continue to lead the field in the pursuit of refractive laser surgery technology, and continually welcome LASIK surgeons from around the globe to learn more about their team that has successfully treated over 45,000 refractive patients.

Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute is located at 8910 University center Lane, Ste. 800, UTC – La Jolla in San Diego, CA 92122, and can be reached at (858) 455-6800, or found online at or the Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Facebook page.