Is LASIK Safe?

October 09, 2013 | LASIK

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Data collected and studied at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute (GWSVI) is consistent with outcomes and safety as reported in FDA clinical trials. LASIK and excimer laser treatments to correct vision, have been one of the most studied elective procedures performed today. More than 9 million patients (representing nearly 16.5 million eyes) have had LASIK since approval by the FDA in 1995 (MarketScope Q2 2013 Quarterly report). The clinical evidence of LASIK are so significant, that organizations with the highest standards for safety and visual acuity – including the U.S. Military and NASA, have adopted modern LASIK for their most elite personnel, including sharpshooters and astronauts. For more information, see LASIK in the military.

We provide no charge consultations offering diagnostic testing to determine who is a candidate for surgery and which procedure is best for the individual patient. Our surgeons meet with each person at the evaluation to discuss options and make recommendations for their best possible result.

Many of our doctors have had the procedure and performed LASIK on their own family members and friends. We have performed LASIK on over 1000 doctors and their family members.

All medical procedures carry risks and anyone considering LASIK should take the time to fully understand the procedure and evaluate its risks and benefits. Patients should do their research, select an experienced surgeon and discuss the potential risks, and complications in order to make an informed decision. Click here for more information on LASIK from the FDA.

We have a very low complication rate for LASIK, less than 1% and have expert surgeons who are skilled at handling any complications for the best possible outcome. We have invested in the most advanced technology and participate in clinical trials to establish safety and efficacy in all of our procedures.

Discover why so many patients have trusted their eyes to the doctors at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute for last 20 years. We are honored by our patients kind words and testimonials.