Allegretto Wavefront Laser

The Allegretto Wave Laser represents a dramatic breakthrough in laser vision correction that occurred with the FDA approval of Wavefront guided Excimer Laser technology. This technology enabled our LASIK surgeons to measure the entire refractive error of the optical system of the eye and perform a customized laser treatment based on Wavefront measurements. The renowned surgeons of Gordon-Weiss-Schanzlin Vision Institute were the first LASIK surgeons in San Diego to offer patients the benefits of Wavefront-guided LASIK procedures on the VISX and Allegretto Wave lasers.

amo-eyeq-300x242Today, an entirely new laser platform has been approved for use in the United States, and Gordon-Weiss-Schanzlin Vision Institute is once again proud to be the first practice in California to offer patients the benefits of this advanced laser technology. Built from the ground up with applied German engineering, this new generation of refractive laser technology represents the idea of original creation. Using knowledge and experience from many years of refractive surgery, the result is a laser platform that is not simply an adaptation of existing laser technology, but an entirely new Excimer Laser system. One that was right…from the start.

The Wavelight Allegretto Excimer Laser may offer some patients a superior beam profile and eye tracking system, which results in giving patients a higher quality of vision.

Visit the FDA’s Website for More Information About LASIK

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