Dr. Alison Gordon Gives Back Through Project Access

March 26, 2014 | Events

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993500_712666928766930_1327879695_nAt Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute Institute, giving back to the San Diego community is an important pillar of our practice. One of the ways we enjoy giving back is by offering ophthalmological care and vision correction procedures through a program known as Project Access.

Project Access, which is a part of the San Diego Medical Society Foundation, is a nonprofit organization that provides healthcare, education, and employment services to low-income families and individuals. The program connects low-income and uninsured adult community clinic patients with physicians and specialists like our surgeons, Dr. Alison Gordon and Dr. Michelle Cho, who have agreed to volunteer their time to treat patients in a private office setting.
Dr. Gordon, who has been involved in the program for three and-a-half years, says that the types of patients she most commonly evaluates and treats through Project Access are adults with low vision, glaucoma, and those requiring cataract surgery. “I wanted to be involved in the community and somehow give back,” she says. “Project Access provides a nice way to do that. The patients that I’ve met and seen here have just been the nicest, really appreciative patients who otherwise wouldn’t be able to carry on with their daily activities or work because of their vision.”

As a state-of-the-art vision correction institute, Dr. Gordon says that it’s extremely rewarding for GWSVI to be able to participate in the Project Access mission of facilitating healthy lives and preventing the progression of serious medical conditions.

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