My LASIK Story

By Ashley Nelson

My name is Ashley Nelson and I won the Lasik Video Contest from Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute (GWSVI). I cannot express enough how amazing the staff, and the care was at GWSVI. From the minute when I came in for the consultation to my post-op appointment the staff welcomed me in and answered all of my questions with knowledge and understanding. Dr. Alison Gordon is a wonderful surgeon who put me totally at ease during the surgery by walking me through what she was doing and reassuring me. The very next day I had 20/15 vision and could not be more pleased! I would HIGHLY recommend lasik and Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute to anyone and everyone! Thank you to everyone at GWSVI who worked on the video contest, greeted me when I came in for surgery, and especially to Dr. Alison Gordon for performing the surgery. You have all changed my life, Thank you!