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13 Things Only People Who Wear Glasses in San Diego Will Understand

February 03, 2017 | LASIK

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Surfers sitting on surfboards in the water - 13 Things People Who Wear Glasses in San Diego Will Understand

San Diego is our beautiful hometown, famous for its good weather and plentiful outdoor activities. However, there are some things about wearing glasses that can make life in San Diego more difficult.

1. Downward Dog Fail
Yoga on the beach is THE ideal way to enjoy San Diego. That is, until you’re surrounded by other yogis on a cliff overlooking PB and your Sun Salutation is interrupted by your glasses swooping over your forehead during Adho Mukha Svanasana. Heaven forbid you do shoulder stretches which involve placing your cheek on the ground!

2. Swell Spotting
For many San Diegans, the call of the waves is a way of life. One that can be conflicting as soon as your contact falls or shifts right when you catch a perfect wave. Just hope that your friends didn’t see it.

3. Earthquakes!!!
San Diego is one of the unique places on earth with earthquakes perpetually in the forecast. Being able to see in an emergency, like an earthquake at night, is crucial. You’re no help to your kiddos or pets if you can’t find them! Let’s not even talk about the Power Outage of 2011…if you’d like one less thing on your emergency checklist, contact us.

6. Volatile Volleys
There are few things more risky to glasses-wearers than hurtling yourself into sand and in front of objects flying at high velocity. Not to mention the MOST expensive form of glasses, prescription sunglasses are an essential part of playing beach volleyball. VAVi players, we feel your pain.

7. Of Masks and Myopia
San Diego is lucky enough to have both ocean and mountains within a few hours drive. However, glasses-wearers know that diving masks and ski goggles simply do not work with glasses. There’s no reason to stay at home if you dream of exploring San Diego’s watery depths or our local mountains. Hint, we know of a simple fix for this dilemma!

8. Beach Perils
Even going to lay out can be tricky with contact or glasses. Let’s examine the necessary ritual of applying sunscreen:
Take off glasses. Place nearby, on a surface without sand.
Apply sunscreen to face and body.
Pick up glasses gingerly holding the arms, STAY AWAY FROM THE LENSES.
Place on face.
Your friend points out you have sunscreen on your nose still.
Rub nose, bump lens with grease fingers.
Take off glasses, find something to rub off fingerprints. How is sand ON everything already!? (and on it goes)
Or, if you’re wearing contacts you may suffer the stinging pain of getting sunscreen too close to your eyes!

9. Rollercoaster Risk
Belmont Park is the place to have fun in Mission Beach. Except when you have a mental debate about whether to take off your glasses as you’re being strapped into a roller coaster. If you take them off, you’re giving into fear. If you keep them on, you’re risking losing your glasses! And your backup pair is neither cute nor the right prescription anymore. Maybe now is the time to schedule that LASIK consultation?

10. Rain?
This is a stretch because rain is a novelty here. When it does however, you remember glasses are not suited to being able to see in rain and then feel empathy for all your fellow spectacle-wearers in Seattle. By then the rain is over and you’re stuck on the 5 in gridlock traffic.

11. Sunset Switch
San Diegans have a lovely habit of gathering at the beach to watch the sunset. Whether you’re at Tourmaline or Swami’s we all enjoy watching the changing colors and trying to glimpse the green flash. Then you’re stuck walking back in the dark made darker with your prescription sunglasses because you forgot to bring your regular glasses . The struggle is real.

12. Triathlon Transitions
San Diego is the birthplace of triathlons. However, has anyone who has tried to swim, bike, and run in sequence can attest to-there is A LOT of gear involved. Unfortunately for glasses-wearers, there are some extra-important items to pack. Remember to bring your regular glasses for the pre-dawn setup, prescription goggles for the swim, and prescription sunglasses for the bike and run! If you’re tired of the hassle of finding and maintaining your vision-wear, we know how to simplify your race.

13. Homebrewing Heartbreak
Move aside Portland, San Diego is known for it’s craft brewing and even more exciting, home brewing. However, standing over a boiling vat of wort and then transferring to a wort chiller is going to be way harder with steamed glasses. We have a recommendation to help your brewing, but only as far as your eyes go!

Imagine life without the hassles of glasses or contacts. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see if you are a candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedures.