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Sally the World Traveler and Music Lover

Sally McKay is a woman on the go, and she wasn’t willing to let changes in her eyesight slow her down. As the owner of MG Travel, a premiere full service travel agency, Sally helps people visit destinations all over the globe, and she is constantly traveling to check out new locales. Additionally, she is a long time music lover and jazz buff who has played piano since the age of four. Between work, travel, and hobbies, Sally has a lot to see and she doesn’t want to miss a thing.
Sally's Story
Sally had LASIK at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute several years ago and she was very pleased with the results. She loves the freedom of life without glasses. When she recently began to experience cataracts and near-vision loss, she came to Dr. Schanzlin to find a solution. All of us will experience some near vision loss after the age of 40, and Sally had seen how impressed her late husband had been when the team at GSNVI was able to improve his age related vision loss.

Sally was planning a trip to Cuba at the time she came in, and she says “I knew how much there was to see in Cuba, and I really wanted to see everything clearly” Dr. Schanzlin worked with her to schedule Cataract and IOL procedures to improve her vision in enough time allow her to enjoy her trip. When Sally went to Cuba, she was able to truly take in all the beautiful sights. She also says that when she travels to exotic and far flung locales, “You can’t just go to the corner store and pick up a pair of readers – there is no corner store, CVS or anything like that.”

Colorful cars in Cuba

Sally crushing grapes in SpainSight seeing is not just a hobby for Sally – as a Certified Travel Agent who is committed to superior client service, she visits accommodations and tours before she recommends them to her clients. She explains how much there is for her to see when she is researching locations, “I go to each place ahead of time and do site inspections and I need to see clearly so I know what kind of experience is available for my clients. While I was in Spain, they took me out in the vineyard and showed me what grapes they use to make white wine or how they use grapes with skins on to make reds. They showed how they make the vinegar and how they make the oil. “I need to know every detail that goes into any place I send my clients.” Sally toured Europe by train recently and was grateful that her clear vision allowed her to take lots of fantastic photos from the rails.

Whether she is traveling or close to home, Sally is often organizing events or attending festivals and her vision comes into play almost as much as her hearing! Sally says “Reading music quickly is absolutely necessary if you’re going to ready any kind of music in public or accompany anyone or sing in a choir” She now is able to take photos, and recognize performers easily.

Sally is currently making preparations for a trip to Turkey in February, followed by a trip to Africa in March and she is excited to see all the beauty that each location has to offer. We’re so inspired by her love of life and sense of adventure!

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