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Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute was one of the original clinical investigators for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration study on the The KAMRA corneal inlay. This innovative treatment recently received FDA approval to treat the loss of near vision that is often associated with presbyopia. The KAMRA inlay can provide a natural range of vision from near to far distances without zones of blurriness. This treatment can not only reduce reliance on reading glasses, it can also help patients maintain clear near vision even as presbyopia progresses.

The KAMRA inlay essentially acts like a pinhole allowing light to move from the front to the back of the eye, expanding your natural range of vision. The microscopically small corneal inlay is carefully placed inside the cornea of only one eye, which can enable you to see near objects more clearly while retaining distance vision in both of your eyes. This ultimately helps the eyes work together to clearly see both near and far distances.

The FDA has approved the KAMRA inlay for patients diagnosed with presbyopia who are between the ages of 45 and 60 and who have prescriptions of +0.50 D to -0.75 D, with a near correction of +1.00 D to +2.50 D for reading. One of the many benefits associated with the KAMRA inlay procedure is that it is reversible – if you are not completely happy with the results, the inlay can be removed.

Our doctors at Gordon Schanzlin New Vision Institute will give you a comprehensive eye exam and help you determine if this advanced new treatment for presbyopia is right for your needs.

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