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Age Related Reading Vision Loss

As we age, a loss of elasticity in the eye causes near vision loss (also called presbyopia). It becomes difficult for the eye to refocus on close objects when the lens inside the eye loses elasticity. As a result, it becomes challenging to view up close objects like phones, books, and menus. There are treatments available that may help restore near vision to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses.

Personalized Treatment Options

There have been many recent advances in treating presbyopia and as a result, we provide many different options for treating age related vision loss. If you have been frustrated by reading glasses or other traditional solutions for vision correction, we may have an option that can improve your quality of life. Each patient is unique and we take into account your lifestyle and vision correction history to make personalized recommendations.

Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay, A Solution for Reading Vision Loss

Raindrop restores near vision by reshaping the front of the eye. Raindrop is an FDA-approved corneal inlay. It is a small transparent disc which is made of material similar to a soft contact lens and 80% water. During a 10 minute procedure, the inlay is placed under the surface of the front of the eye. Raindrop is only placed in the non-dominant eye, helping restore near vision.


The Benefits of Raindrop® Near Vision Inlay

Raindrop effectively improves near vision quickly. On average, patients improved nearly 5 lines of near vision on an eye chart within one week of surgery, without using reading glasses.The results were also maintained in the long term. Two years after surgery, 98% of patients could read a newspaper (20/40 or better at a near distance), 88% could read fine print or equivalent (20/25 or better at an intermediate distance, also known as computer vision), 76% could read an email on screen (20/25 or better at an intermediate distance, also known as computer vision).



Progressive, multi-focal (PML) LASIK is an option for people who have reading glasses or need glasses or contacts. Vision is improved with a laser that can give increased vision at any distance.

LenSx Femtosecond Laser

The LenSx® Femtosecond Laser is used in both treating presbyopia and correcting cataracts. We are proud to offer this laser as it is only available in a handful of vision care practices nationwide and provides excellent and precise results.

Advanced Technology Lens Implants (IOLS)

We provide several different types of intraocular lens implants  (IOLS) which are placed inside the eye to restore the ability to focus to all distances. Through a consultation, our doctors will be able to recommend the best lens for your eyes.

Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is a great option for people who are not candidates for other vision correction procedures such as LASIK or PRK. RLE replaces the natural lens with an artificial lens and can be used to improve near and far vision. As a result of RLE, patients will not develop cataracts.

Kamra Inlay

The Kamra Inlay is designed solely to restore near vision as an option for people who want to eliminate or reduce the need for reading glasses. The inlay is placed inside only one eye and can help maintain vision even as presbyopia progresses.

Monovision LASIK

Monovision LASIK is a laser procedure that corrects one eye for far distance vision and the other for near distance vision. The laser reshapes the corneal surface of both eyes in a short procedure with a quick recovery. The brain combines both distances of vision in either eye to create a single comprehensive range of all distances.

Corrective Lenses

Corrective lenses are lenses placed over the eye and include glasses and contacts. Both are commonly the first type of corrective lenses recommended to people needing vision correction. The lenses are a good option for people whose vision is continually changing but do not end near vision loss and vision reverts to its normal state after the lenses are removed.

Who is a Candidate for Near Vision Loss Treatment?

Age related near vision loss tends to affect people beginning in their 40’s to 50’s. Anyone who needs reading glasses for daily tasks such as reading phone screens, books, fine print or close up objects may be a candidate for treatment options to help regain near vision. A consultation with one of our doctors will determine which options may be available to you.

MKT 312 Rev 1 Presbyopic Vision Illustration

Imagining Life Without Reading Glasses? Contact Us Now

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